New Yamaha Fino FI Specs and Review

Wednesday, November 18th 2015. | Yamaha

New Yamaha Fino FI Specs, Review and Price | Deliberately, the appearance of a New Yamaha Fino FI looks a lot more modern-day with some drink like the front headlights are designed gems, ruby taillights, turn signal lights (flasher light) that incorporates a form like a leaf with a dimension two times as big. At the same time, the traditional impression emitted that incorporates Speedometer and also Energy Meter is rounded, the gas container capacity of 4.8 liters or bigger 17 percent of the carburetor versions. Yamaha motorcycles additionally gear up New Yamaha Fino Shot that incorporates technology showcases contemporary as are Smart Lock System, Smart Side Stand Switch, and Integrated Trick Shutter.

For the engine, the New Yamaha Fino FI engine outfitted that incorporates a 4 Step, 2 Shutoff, SOHC, Solitary Cylinder that incorporates an electrical of 7.75 hp (5.7 kW) at 8500 revoltions per minute and also a torque of 8.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm that incorporates a Automatic transmission V-belt. Yamaha Fino FI featured two types, namely the sort of sport as well as costs. For the type of Fino FI Sport is readily available in a selection of colors Stylish Green, Exciting Red, Sporty Blue.While Fino FI Costs has a color Black Diamond and also Red Wine.

Yamaha Fino FI Review

The specs gave a good idea what i was getting out of the scooter, A 114cc 4-stroke engine & a weight of 91kg suggested that fuel source intake need to be instead reduced, as well as I wasn’t incorrect to presume that. Over months of riding and meticulous inventory of the distance took a trip & fuel source pumped, I proudly reveal that the Fino had actually been clocking an average of 42km/ltr. The everyday rides include city & motorway using that incorporates 30 % of the moment that incorporates a pillion. I’m a light throttle individual, so if you’re throttle-happy you might merely see slightly higher usage. Making sure your tires are not over/under-inflated also helps with fuel source economic climate.

Just for reference purpose, I am doing 210kPa back, 180kPa front … and also I’m not a huge man. You most likely could see from my photos to reason that. So do slightly more if you’re bigger as well as the other way around. The 4.1 ltr storage tank meant that you’ll be seeing the booth every once in a while, so please make buddies that incorporates the attendants/cashiers. Which is also a great time to keep your tire stress in check. Which reminds me of one little problem, the air pumps at a few of the booths have pump-headers that does not allow you to reach for the tire valve. So you might intend to walk around a couple of stands and also see which one suits all yours … or your personal foot pump.

New Specifications Yamaha Fino FI
Engine Type 4 Step, 2 Valve SOHC
Number / Position Cylinder Single Cylinder / Horizontal
Bore x Stroke 50.0 x 57.9 mm
Compression ratio 9.30: 1
Maximum power 7.75 hp (5.7 kW) / 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque 8.5 N.m / 5,000 rpm
Starter system Electric Starter and Kick Starter
Lubrication system Wet
Engine oil capacity 0.85 liters / Periodic Maintenance: 0.74 liter
Fuel System (Fuel Injection System) YMJET-FI
Clutch type Dry, Automatic Centrifugal Clutch
Transmission type V-belt Automatic
The pattern of transmission operation Automatic
P x L x T (mm) 1,870 X 700 X 1,066
Wheelbase 1,260 mm
Lowest distance to the ground 130 mm
Seat height 745 mm
Unit weight 95 kg
Fuel tank capacity 4.8 liters
Frame Type Steel Pipes (Underbone)
Front suspension Telescopic
Rear suspension Swing Unit, Single Suspension
Front tire 34P 70/90-14M/C
Rear tires 46P 80/90-14M/C
Front brake Disc
Rear brakes Drum
Ignition system TCI (Transistor Ignition Control)
Battery GTZ4V / YTZ4V
Spark plugs NGK/CR6HSA or DENSO/U20FSR-U
Yamaha Fino FI Price IDR 14,250,000

The mobility scooter is air-cooled for this reason lower maintenance and also reduced cost. Liquid-cooled engines require coolant, has a sophisticated system of tubes running around the engine/radiator to cool down the engine, falling short which will imply the engine will overheat/seize. In a minimalistic globe, much less is much more. Lower parts suggests lower stuff to fail. That’s just how i like my vehicles to be. Speed/Power-wise, nothing outstanding actually. If you’re searching for a quick bike, just obtain a rapid bike and also not a Fino and also hope it will certainly go fast. Yet to assure prospective proprietors, it obtains you to 100km/hr and also maintain at that without much initiatives (that incorporates pillion) but if there’re strong crosswinds, you might intend to hang on limited.

However the 100km/hr on the meter appears misleading as well as i’m thinking its closer to 85-90km/ human resources. Either way, its a reputable speed in Singapore. It deals with well too, light guiding & small turning span which benefits pressing around the automobiles. Not that I encourage, I am simply saying. I have actually reviewed enquires in many online forums on which quality of gas is suitable/recommended. As well as the noted pattern is pump the most effective if you could manage, which i plead to differ.

Pump what your bike calls for, The compression ratio of the Fino is 8.8: 1. RON92 is enough (that’s the lowest Singapore offers). Higher octane degree do not enhance performance/fuel usage, other than emotionally as well as a thinner budget. Though different brand/grade of fuel source may have various addictives contributed to the fuel, the distinction needs to be minimal as every brand has their ‘secret formula’ and you most likely cannot feel the difference. Though i should alert that if you utilize lower octane compared to needed by your engine, engine knocking will certainly occur. I question anyone will deal with that trouble with the Fino though.

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Hence look of Yamaha Fino FI, all info concerning the requirements or prices drawned from the official internet site of Yamaha Electric motor Indonesia, I hope this quick testimonial can be a recommendation for you to know more details regarding Cost, Functions and also Specifications Yamaha Fino FI. Thanks for your check out as well as with any luck beneficial.

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